Automatic setup of your device (recommended).

Your system: -
  • To install certificate and create network profile for eduroam network, click the button bellow or scan the QR code with your mobile device.
  • Go to some place where eduroam is available and try your newly configured device.
  • Connect the same way as you are connecting to any other Wi-Fi network. Since that, device will connect automatically.
  • If you don't get connected, try alternative option below.

Alternative method using geteduroam app only

Open geteduroam app and tap the searchbar.

Type in and choose: CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences.

Enter as your identity and eduroam password. Warning: some phone keyboards adds space character after your identity, you need to delete that!.

Alternative method without the secure certificate installation.

Go to the Settings, next to Wi-Fi and select eduroam network.

Select PEAP as EAP method and MSCHAPV2 as Phase 2 check. Then scroll down to enter credentials.

Enter your CTU FTS e-mail as your identity and eduroam password. Only format is accepted. Don't use any shortened email as is

Still not connected? Maybe deleting the old eduroam network profile will help you.

Go to the Settings, next to Wi-Fi and select eduroam with long tap.

Here select "Delete".

And now try it again.

Still having troubles to connect even after reading this page?

See us in the Horska Network Administration Office, create task in helpdesk or write us an e-mail describing the problem to
We prefer to meet you in person as finding solution is usually faster and more successful when we have your device in hand.