Just three easy steps and you're online

Create password for eduroam network

You can change the password the same way if you forget it.

Login to the page usermap.cvut.cz

Open the page usermap.cvut.cz and login in the top right corner of the page. Use your CTU username and password

Click at your name, than select User profile and proceed to the settings

Click at your name in the top right corner. It will take you to the settings.

Setup you password to eduroam network

Click on "Settings" panel and after that on the line "Eduroam password settings". Create your password to the eduroam network.

Connect to the eduroam network

Your system: -
  • To install certificate and create network profile for eduroam network, click the button bellow or scan the QR code with your mobile device.
  • Go to some place where eduroam is available and try your newly configured device.
  • Connect the same way as you are connecting to any other Wi-Fi network. Since that, device will connect automatically.
  • If you don't get connected, proceed to your system manual:

Browsing the internet using eduroam

Almost unlimited

In eduroam networks there are only negligible limitations you will probably never notice.

Academic network

Please don't forget that eduroam is educational and scientific network. It means that downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials is prohibited, eg. using torrents. Please always turn off your torrent clients before connecting to the eduroam network. Otherwise your eduroam account can be abused and banned.

Eduroam coverage

Worldwide network

Eduroam is worldwide network with the same accounting all over the world. With your eduroam account from CTU FTS you can connect not just in Prague, but even in Paris, Madrid, New York or Singapore. All locations are listed at eduroam.org

Coverage at CTU FTS

At CTU FTS you can connect in most classrooms at all our buildings. Complete coverage list here.

In Czechia

Thanks to the roaming policy you can connect at most universities in Czechia. All covered places in the Czech Republic are in this map.


For eduroam network broadcasting we are using devices and technology of these companies


Still having troubles to connect even after reading this page?

See us in the Horska Network Administration Office, create task in helpdesk or write us an e-mail describing the problem to eduroam@fd.cvut.cz.
We prefer to meet you in person as finding solution is usually faster and more successful when we have your device in hand.